Chinos, How To Implement Them Into Your Daily Outfit?


Chinos are far and less formal relatives of suit pants: it’s a piece that can be considered essential as it works both in casual and more dressier situations. Word chino indicates fabric itself, but also pants and their form. Roots of the fabric go a long way back to the middle of 19th century to British and French military uniforms. Over a century later, this resistant, very light and comfortable fabric lost its place in the army and it’s replaced with new and modern materials, but in the civil world, chino pants continued their life. Every fashion icon wore it at least once: Steve McQueen used to wear them with brown desert boots and Pol Newman with open white shirts. And it’s not just men. Audrey Hepburn loved wearing chinos along with the Brigitte Bardot who use to play around with their pattern and colors.


So how to know which chinos to wear? As for the color, beige, navy and red pants are must-have every spring and summer; and for those of you who want to go one step beyond you can also try mint, washed-out pink and baby-blue. In fall, consider wearing brown, orange or dark red that is best paired with tweed, wool and long boots. When buying chino pants, finding the right fit is a huge thing as with any other piece of clothing. Consider your body shape and look for a fit that will compliment your body; chinos come in many forms and fits so you can opt for the best one. Also, take good care of your chino pants because they tend to get dirty more quickly than your jeans. Wash them on a regular basis and pre-select your laundry so they don’t lose their original color.



And the question that usually pops out is: are chinos better than denim? Chino pants are certainly more comfortable, easy to wear on high temperatures and come in the variety of colors. One of their many advantages is that they also look more sophisticated but can easily be worn everywhere where you wear your jeans. So let’s have a look on how to incorporate them in your daily outfit.
How to wear chinos everyday? You can pair khaki chinos with white or blue casual shirt, low boots or flats and nice leather belt for an everyday outfit. For women, add a matching jacket and a nice bag, and for men, add a stainless steel watch that always looks classic.


How to wear chinos for the office? Wear your black chinos with a more formal jacket or a blazer that would give you a good base to add more formal shirt or a blouse. For men, add a neutral tie and socks with pattern, and for women add a bold necklace and a sand shade cardigan.

How to wear chinos in the summer? Again, chinos are here neutral basis that can go great with navy t-shirt with stripes, espadrilles and a red belt. Light colored chinos can be rolled around your ankles and you can add a nice hat to compliment the whole laid-back look. There are even short chinos that look great on less formal events where you cannot wear denim shorts.
All in all, chino’s versatile nature makes them a perfect pick – they can be dressed down or up according to the occasion; they are simply cool and go well with everything!



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