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It’s no secret that handbags are considered to be a real fashion investment and one thing (besides shoes) that many women just cannot resist. As we’ve seen in different Fashion Weeks last year, designers gave us very different variations and styles of handbags that will rule this season. That’s why we decided to give special attention to purses, clutches, bags and help all you fashion addicts out there to decide what’s trendy this year.

Stylish Bags

Bags with graphic print

Graphic prints bags come from the ‘60s influence. Besides timeless navy prints, striking pouch with any print is strong detail that will spice up your outfit. To highlight your handbag, combine it with monochromatic clothing pieces like black, grey and white.




Round bags

According to the almost all fashion designers, round purses are the new black that will be a big summer hit. The trendiest are round handbags with psychedelic prints, but if you’re not a big fan of colorful circular model, simple round purse is a great detail on its own too.




Snakeskin bags

Same as faux-fur coats, purses that mimic snakeskin will be a great fashion detail this year. Snakeskin handbags illustrate luxury and go great with monochromatic outfits but also daily denim looks. These stylish bags allow you to experiment with colors and textures and show your individuality and boldness.




Miniature handbags

Small bags are a good choice on lazy summer nights, but also when you’re not planning to carry as much things as you usually do. And although small bags dangerously threaten trends of big bags for a couple of seasons now, this year they are so small they can hardly carry a smart phone. If the dimensions of these handbags are not a problem, opt for colorful eye-catching models with big chains.




Fringe bags

Judging by the collections that great designers presented last year, fringes aren’t leaving nowhere this year. This detail decorated a lot of outfits last season and that just shows that handbags with fringes shouldn’t be missed. Fringe bags usually require matching shoes so keep in mind to pair your shoes with the color of your purse.



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