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 Makeup essentials

The whole point of face makeup is not to hide your face, but to enhance its nicest features and that’s why it’s one of the most important steps in makeup. Having big cosmetic collection is fantastic, but all you really need is a good beauty basis that will have your face glowing in every occasion. And today NVIC is bringing you the list of all the face necessities along with our product recommendations. Do have in mind to carefully select shades that compliment your skin best and find your own tone.  


1) Primer

Although most women will not use primer on a daily basis, everyone should have at least one. Not only does it hydrate your face and make your whole makeup last longer, you can also use it instead of powder that can make your face look perfect without putting any makeup on. Besides, primer is a great base that makes your face look smoother and more even, while reducing the oily shine to its minimum.

Our recommendation: Diorskin Forever – it gives you extreme perfection and hold makeup base.


2) Liquid powder

No matter how good complexion you may have, you skin will certainly look even more beautiful with carefully selected powder. You can also consider investing into two liquid powders – one more lighter in texture for daily makeup and one more lasting for special occasions and night makeup. The important thing is to always (always!) have enough time to choose the right tone that will match your face (and it’s best to choose one during the day).

Our recommendation: Dior Nude Air Serum – a lightweight foundation serum that creates an enhanced complexion and a sheer finish.


3) Loose Powder

Loose Powder contributes to more beautiful appearance of liquid foundation, stops your face from shining and it can also be worn on its own on days when you don’t want to have too much makeup on. It’s also a great thing that you can carry in your purse and use it throughout the day.

Our recommendation: Clinique Blended Face Powder & Brush – it evens skin tone and works great for all skin types.


4) Concealer

Although concealer is mostly used for dark circles around eyes, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have another one to camouflage imperfections on the face. This is because solid concealer that covers pimples and freckles is generally too strong for thin and delicate skin around your eyes.

Our recommendation: Amazing Concealer from Amazing Cosmetics – a full coverage concealer ideal for any kind of imperfection.


5) Highlighter

Again, it would be a good idea to have two highlighters – cooler shade (that is silvery-white) and warmer tone (that is golden-copper or vanilla). Still, you can always have just one that will match your undertone or get multicolored highlighter that gives you different combinations and options.

Our recommendation: Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed – a creamy powder highlighter that absorbs and reflects light for the ultimate natural glow.



6) Blusher

You can best choose the tone of your blusher by noticing what is the color of your cheeks when you do actually blush – in this way you will look more natural. If your skin is lighter, go for lighter tones, and if it’s darker opt for more intensive tones. Pink and peach shades compliment the most women, but you can also choose more noticeable tones for special occasion (like violet and bronze).

Our recommendation: Milani Blush Baked – it shapes, contours and highlights and can be used in many other ways.


7) Bronzer

Bronzer is probably the most confusing product of them all – it can be used to give soft, bronze color to your face but also to highlight certain facial parts. For contouring you can use other products like shades and darker foundations, but if you want to use bronzer just to add a bit sunglow, just follow your natural cheek lines (and remember to keep brush away from your nose).

Our recommendation: Mac Mineralize Skinfinish – it provides perfect light coverage and is best used to fix foundation and as a touch-up throughout the day.


If you are still searching for perfect makeup esentials for your skin type, contact NVIC and we will make sure to show you which cosmetics can make you feel great every single day!


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