Guys, Here’s What You’re Doing Wrong – Its All About Details!


Men, avoid these common mistakes and bring your look to a whole new level!


It’s All About details


  1. Pay attention to your underwear!

Invisible line of your underwear is definitely something that has become mandatory. If you prefer looser undergarment, choose pants that are also looser to avoid outlining. If you are wearing tight jeans or tailored suit, wear underwear that is darker in color.


  1. Keep your shirt clean

Your business shirt from year 2010 may look nice form the outside, but you have to check the inside to see if it has any yellow stains or edges that are ragged. If you want to look serious, know that any note that your wardrobe is worn out will make you look sloppy. Same goes for wrinkles and gathers – iron your shirt no matter how hangover you are. Remember, it’s all about details


  1. Don’t use your pockets

There’s a reason why some pockets are sewn in – if you put your keys, wallet, phone and chewing gums in your pockets, this could completely change the look of your suit. Same goes for your jacket. Carry basic things in your hands or choose appropriate bag that will make you look sophisticated.


  1. Go easy on the perfume

When putting on a scent, first put it on your wrist and then behind the ears. If you are using eau de toilette or eau de parfum, this will be more than enough. If you’re using mild eau de cologne, you can spray a bit more to keep the scent lasting throughout the day. Keep in mind that your perfume is not everybody’s choice and that you can easily irritate your working colleagues with your scent. 


  1. Choose your belt in the right size

Maybe you don’t mind putting a hole or two with kitchen knife in your belt, but if your belt is too long, it will show under your shirt or sweater. Buying the belt in the right size will make you look slimmer and show everyone that you take care of your looks.


  1. Choose the right socks

If your socks are visible, they should be part of your outfit. If you are wearing a suit, socks should be thin (made out of cotton or silk) and long enough not to show your ankles (even when you sit). If you have doubts, choose socks in darker colors or go for neutral colors that will bring accent to your suit. For example, red socks go great with dark jeans and white snickers and grey socks are nicely paired with navy trousers and brown shoes.


  1. Don’t put too many details

When it comes to accessory, some basic rule is that you should put two details on you and hold one in your hands. For example, wear tie and pocket tissue with bag in your hand. Or scarf and cuffs with trendy tablet. As with all details, less is definitely more. Even if you know what you’re doing, avoid putting too much jewelry on you. Rings, bracelets and earrings should be considered thoroughly and that’s why wearing one great watch is usually the best choice.


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