The Suit. The Epitome Of Gentleman.

Pt. 1: The Formal Suit


How do you wear your suit? Or better yet, can you wear your suit? Some men avoid wearing suit because it requires all the list of things that you need to comply. But if you want to look great, you have to make some effort. And the formal suit is the one wardrobe piece that can make you look amazing in a second. Or completely ridiculous. So choose wisely. And read carefully.

Maybe you disagree with the statement that clothes make the man, but the way you wear something certainly says a lot about you. For starters, it’s important that you know what are you wearing and when to wear it. Today, we’re talking about special events and more formal wear. So red carpet paired with sneakers and jeans (no matter how timeless they may be) is a complete nonsense (even if you’re a rebel). Formal occasion requires formal attire weather you like it or not. If you are a true stylish man (and we know you are, because you are here), good suit is something that is more of an expectation than a recommendation.

That’s why we say that wearing a coat jacket on jeans is not enough. Sometimes the occasion demands more. There are events with invitations that strictly state dress code and there is no place for argument. But this can also be the perfect opportunity to wear a tuxedo, a true symbol of elegance and formal attire at its finest. Speaking of symbols, suits also represent your business or financial status. That’s why wearing a suit requires some kind of practice which will make you avoid looking ridiculous. Many men simply don’t have the opportunity or habit to wear a formal suit, but eventually everybody end up wearing it once in their lifetime (at least at their wedding). That’s why we can often see many men in suits that are just not good for them. Not to mention they don’t know how to wear them. And it’s really quite clear when you think about it. They just didn’t know what to choose and do not know how to behave in a suit. Rarely anyone learned how to wear a suit and try out models before actually buying one. And it goes even further – often we see someone in a great fitted suit that just doesn’t have the manners to wear it. When wearing a formal suit, the important thing is that you don’t want to leave an impression of wearing an armor or sweat suit. Or the impression of wearing the formal attire for the first time in your life. The (real) man in a suit has to look confident and elegant while not reflecting lack of (or too much) of confidence or elegance.

When it comes to suits, the phrase: men wear the suit same as women wear underwear may be relevant. At least in the terms of the effect. Maybe we can go further and add that the man in the suit is the same as the woman in great high heels. From the male point of view, there is nothing more alluring, sophisticated and sexy than a nice leg in a good stiletto. But also nothing more meaningless than a woman who cannot walk in high heels. So the trick when wearing a suit is to find balance and feel relaxed and comfortable. Men often think that the only thing that suit requires is a serious attitude, but this can be contra productive. Being serious in a suit is not that important and you may end up looking arrogant instead of confident.

If you don’t want to get things wrong when wearing a formal suit, especially if you’re wearing it for the first time, the main things you have to consider are the quality and the fit. Choosing a quality material that will be long-lasting is an imperative. And finding a good tailor (which is not easy to do) is absolutely worth it. If you are well built, you can get away with already made suit, but remember that this is the one piece you should definitely invest in. And even if you do end up buying a suit in the store, we highly recommend taking it to your tailor so he can make some final adjustments. Only when you have a great tailored suit, with jacket that suits you like a glove and trousers that are not too long or too wide, you have the perfect frame for your self-confidence.   

And building your confidence when wearing a suit can be only learned by, nonetheless than – wearing a suit. Wear it at home. Get used to the fabric and texture. Wear it on the evening out with your friends and try as much as you can to feel comfortable. Get used to behaving more formal than usual. And relax. The whole key when wearing a formal suit is to make it casual, like you wear suits everyday!

The next step when it comes to the visual effect lies in the details: shoes, belt, watch and tie. A tie is an essential part when it comes to formal suit and you cannot go without it. And you do have to wear it throughout the event or you just may seem sloppy. So forget about untying a tie just for a minute because it is chocking you – imagine a woman in high heels who puts down her shoes just because her feet hurt. If you have already decided to wear a tie, it has to be neatly tied and tight as long as you have your suit on. No exceptions. It may seem strict, but it is a formal event, so act accordingly. The only time when you can consider loosing you tie is once you go to the after party or head out to the dance floor. And if you think it cannot be more formal than this, you’re wrong. And it comes in a form of a tuxedo. But that’s another topic. And we are leaving it for next time.

If you still have any doubt about how to wear a formal suit, contact Nina Image Consulting, we will gladly help you out. For more exciting stories and trends, follow us on Fb, Pin and Insta. 








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