Do It Right – Smart Shopping Rules

Smart shopping

We don’t want to offend anyone, although we may say that most of us all two-legged beings (especially with chromosome X) don’t use their sanity while shopping. Speed, trends, sales and other people opinion seem to be much more valuable than the item itself (not to mention the label). And the result? They go home with items of clothing that they hardly wear and don’t know how to maintain. And in the morning, it’s the same story all over again –  they don’t have anything to wear. So before you go shopping, it’s important to learn how to buy in a smart way and not make mistakes while shopping.


First thing you need to do is take time to go shopping. Some of the worst shopping decisions come when you’re in a rush and just grab whatever is on sale without even trying it on. Instead, try to go shopping as early in the morning as you possibly can. Make sure to wear comfy shoes as you will do a lot of walking. Still, if you’re buying shoes, go shopping late when your feet are a bit swollen so you will recognize comfortable shoes more easier. When ordering online, avoid buying things like trousers and snickers, as you can’t really tell how they fit before you try them on. And of course, take your time.

One of the biggest rules when it comes to shopping is – don’t buy an item just because it’s on sale. You can easily end up spending more then you intend in the first place and most of those things you won’t even wear. Set the budget you want to spend and stick to it. If you can’t afford buying everything you like, set your priorities and leave the rest of the things for next time. Also, avoid buying in cheapest stores – that can end up costing you more because of the low quality of the clothing material. And always remember to read the clothing declaration carefully.


It is important to focus and buy basic and essentials pieces of wardrobe that you can combine in different ways. Avoid buying clothes that is too trendy or too colorful that you cannot match with other clothing you have. Earth tones and classic blue and green along with white and black are always a good choice. For example, monochrome coats and jackets with good fit will be timeless pieces and you can combine them with almost anything. And if you want to experiment, it’s much smarter to buy trendy jewelry that will make basic clothes look amazing. Also, it’s better to invest in silver jewelry that can have pretty good price and last longer unlike usual imitation trinkets.

Avoid buying clothes with too many details that look cheap. Same goes for the shoes. Simple model without any accessories always look trendy and never give away the price. Don’t buy clothes that is not appropriate for you like see-through dresses and short skirts. Because no matter how old you are, in these clothing you can often end up looking tacky. Still, if you like to experiment, choose design, cut and texture very carefully.


If you want more professional help, Nina Vidmar Image Consulting will take care of your entire wardrobe and we specialize in creating business outfits and dress codes, so this can be a great opportunity to design look for your company too. We will identify your style preferences and select items that are tailored to your taste. We suggest the most appropriate clothes for any occasion and work according to your schedule and budget. In general, Nina Vidmar Image Consulting is your fresh pair of eyes that will style you in your own style (not ours). From timeless classics to brand new burning trends, we will choose everything from shoes to jewelry and accessories – personal shopping service is all customized to you and your needs. And shopping with us is a fun journey and an overall transformation that will teach you how to use all your assets in the best possible way!




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